Should You Repair or Replace?

There is a lot to consider: 

Age of Equipment
Repair Cost
Repair History
Equipment Performance

Repair or Replace?

Here are some questions we might ask or questions to consider:

  1. Which energy source does your system use to heat your home?

    • Natural/LP Gas​

    • Electric

    • None

  2. Which type of system do you currently have in your home?

    • Furnace/Air Conditioner Split System ​(Gas Heating/Cooling)

    • Heat Pump Split System (Electric Gas Heating/Cooling)

    • Furnace Only (Heating Only)

    • Air Conditioner Only (Cooling Only)

    • Packaged System (Heating and Cooling Only)

    • Packaged System (Cooling Only)

    • Duct-Free System (Heating and Cooling Only)

    • Duct-Free System (Cooling Only)

  3. What is the age of your equipment?

    • Less than five years​

    • 5-10 years

    • 11-15 years

    • 16-20 years

    • over 20 years

  4. Is your equipment still under warranty?

    • Yes

    • No

    • Do Not Know

  5. Has the air conditioner compressor or heat exchanger been replaced recently?

    • Compressor

    • Heat Exchanger

    • Both

    • None

    • Do Not Know

  6. Is the turning on of your equipment noticeable or disturbing, or causing annoying vibrations in your home?

    • Yes​

    • No

    • Not sure

  7. Is your house too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter?

    • Yes​

    • No

  8. Do you have a room in your home that never seems to get warm or cool?

    • Yes (which room?)​

    • No

  9. How long do you expect to stay in this home?

    • Less than 2 years​

    • 2-5 years

    • 6-10 years

    • over 10 years


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