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geothermal piping
  • Service and maintenance

  • Commercial Pack units

  • Chilled water systems

  • Boiler systems

  • Geothermal systems

  • Carrier Commercial controls

  • New construction

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Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning Helpful Information:

  • A commercial pack unit can come in sizes from 2 tons to 150 tons. 

    • A package heating and cooling unit encompasses all heating and cooling components in one cabinet. They are typically installed beside or on top of a business.  

  • A chiller water system uses refrigerant to cool a building.

    • A chiller is used as a refrigerant to remove heat from the building. The chilled water circulates through chilled water loops and through coils located in air handlers.  The water pipes work equivalently to evaporator coils in a standard air conditioner.

  • A boiler system is a heating system that uses hot water or stream.

    • Boilers heat water and then the hot water or steam travels through a series of pipes to steam radiators.  The heat is then distributed via pipes, radiant floor heat, or air handlers.  

  • Commercial controls can provide remote access.

    • Commercial controls can be controlled from the unit itself or via the internet.  This can range from thermostats to zoning systems.

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